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Driving Lessons - Weston, FL

Welcome to William’s Driving School. We strive to provide the safest drivers on the road and in the Weston area. We are a full-service driving instruction provider offering driving lessons, traffic school courses and more. We can even preside over your driving test and we are proud to report that we have a high student pass rate.

Learn the Rules of The Road
We provide an environment where students can feel comfortable so they can focus on learning the skills needed to become competent drivers. We were founded on the belief that all drivers can and ought to be safe drivers. We teach our students fundamental skills such as defensive driving so they know what to do, and also what to look out for on the roadways to minimize the chance of accidents.

Our programs help inexperienced drivers to build confidence. Those with previous experience will be given instruction that reinforces the positive driving techniques they’ve forgotten.

Give us a call to book your first driving session in Weston. We’ll make driving second nature to you and you’ll realize it’s easier than you expected. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

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